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How To install Ajax Wireless Home Security System Products At Home DIY

Ajax Security Systems are an Award winning Wireless Home Security System in Europe. So why cant they be one in South Africa too? They're the perfect alarm in a box solution, that can pretty much be installed anywhere, even when you feel like going to the bush, you can bring it with you. You'll always be covered is what im trying to say and  for the Wizard who wants to do the dirty work themselves there's always room to learn. First we'll discuss what you'll need to get started on your wireless security journey with us. This is what you should have if you bought the one of the Ajax StarterKits or Combos : 

  • Ajax Control Hub¬†- This is the main brain of the system, a fully fledged and certified beast. You'll always know what's happening with your property. With¬†4 communication channels, Including WIFI, and 4G.
  • Ajax MotionCam¬†¬†¬†- The traditional Motion detector is a common occurence at some ones home or even at the office, with a red LED that shines as soon as you move, The Ajax took this simple method and added a Camera to the mix, for Real - time Photo verification of Alarm events.¬†
  • Ajax DoorProtectPlus - You need to know before criminals open you're doors with a built in vibration sensor, as soon as the bad guys even try force there way in they've already been caught out.
  • Ajax SpaceRemote - With Ajax you don't need remotes,the whole system can run from your Mobile, but for thos pesky times when youre Mbile has died due to our Leaders cutting our power you might just need one every now and then. With built in Panic and automation control, you could always find them handy.

How to Install Wireless Alarm System

Now that you have chosen your Ajax Hub or Ajax Kit your well on your way to having a cutting edge Wireless Home Security System with no strings attached or monthly Fees.

To configure the system, Download the Ajax App. Create an Ajax Account to continue. Download on iOS Android and PC. One account can manage multiple hubs.

Download the Ajax App from Google play store. 

The Ajax Security System app can manage one or several hubs. Ajax recommends installing the Ajax Pro Desktop App if you intend adding ten or more hubs.

Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers (for iPhone and Android) or Ajax PRO Desktop (for Windows and macOS).

Adding the hub to the Ajax app

During the first hub registration in the app, you will be prompted to add devices to guard the room. However, you can refuse and return to this step later.

Granting access to all system functions (to display notifications in particular) is a mandatory condition for controlling the Ajax security system via the smartphone.

  1. Login into your account.
  2. Open the Add Hub menu and select the way of registering: manually or step-by-step guidance.
  3. At the registration stage, type the name of the hub and scan the QR code located under the lid (or enter a registration key manually).
  4. Wait until the hub is registered.

If there are already users on the hub, the hub administrator, PRO with full rights or the installation company of the selected hub can add your account to it. You will receive a notification that the hub is already added to another account.

Get in touch with our support to determine who has admin rights on the hub.

User account types and rights

Hub 2 Plus Downloads:

Prior to linking a detector or device to a hub, create at least one room. Rooms are used to group detectors and devices, as well as to increase the information content of notifications. We'll make a room for your first detector. The AjaxMotionCam.

To create a new room in the app, simply use the "Add Room" menu and create a name for this area.(e.g Kitchen) Adding a photo to the room can also be helpful in quickly identifying it from the list.

Once the room is created, you can access its settings by clicking on the gear icon. If you need to delete a room, make sure to first move all devices to other rooms using the device setup menu to avoid any complications.

Grab the AjaxMotionCam Scan the QR Code in the lid of the Box of the device. then take the back cover off the MotionProtect and turn it on, Once linked to the system add it to the room you just created. Here's the User Manual for the Ajax MotionCam.

Do the same Methods for the Ajax DoorContact and Ajax SpaceRemote. Do the installation and test your new system. See what the best settings are to suit your needs and from there expand your system further until youve got a fully fledged fortress. Visit alarmwizards.co.za to grab more tech.

Ajax wireless security installation
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