Collection: Ajax Hubs - Control Panel's for Ajax Security Systems

Ajax Hubs are the heart of your System, providing secure and reliable communication between your security devices. Check out our collection of Ajax Hubs at Alarm Wizards, including the Ajax Hub 2 Plus - the perfect choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their security system.

Our selection includes the main control panel variants, the ideal choice for any homeowner looking to upgrade their Ajax alarm system.

With advanced features and easy integration, our Ajax Hubs - control panels offer reliable and effective performance to enhance your home security system. 

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Ajax Hubs: Advanced Alarm Control Panels

The Ajax Hub serves as a modernized command center for Ajax security systems, consolidating control over all connected devices. It promptly alerts both users and a security company in the event of an alarm activation at a facility. With the capability of utilizing up to four communication channels, it ensures consistent and reliable communication even in the face of interference or blackout conditions.

Ajax Hub displaying all communication protocols such as WIFI, Ethernet and LTE

Always Stay Connected with Multi-Protocols.

Hub 2 Plus ensures stable external communication with 4 channels, including LTE. WIFI and Ethernet, with dual cellular backup. Seamless channel switching in seconds.