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SPOTBOT USB Relay - Smart Relay Module for Detection Events

SPOTBOT USB Relay - Smart Relay Module for Detection Events

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Maximize the capabilities of your SPOTBOT device with the innovative SPOTBOT USB Relay (SUR) module. Seamlessly integrating with your security system, this module empowers your SPOTBOT to seamlessly activate secondary devices upon detection events. With dual relay switches (Output 1 and Output 2), the SUR module ensures precise control tailored to specific camera detection events.

Whether it's triggering sirens, illuminating floodlights, or customizing electronic devices, the SUR module opens up a world of possibilities. (Please note: Secondary devices are not included with the purchase.)

Elevate your security setup to new heights with the SPOTBOT USB Relay module today.

SPOTBOT USB Relay Key Features:

  • Connect 4 USB relays to 1 SPOTBOT
  • Trigger dual relays switches on detection events
  • Connect Strobes, Sirens and Floodlights to Camera Zones

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