Collection: SPOTBOT - CCTV Intruder Detection and Crime Prevention


SPOTBOT - 8 Channel AI CCTV Monitoring Device for Intrusion prevention

SPOTBOT - CCTV Intruder Detection device and relay modules. Smart CCTV and early warning detection using AI. Monitor 8 camera feeds and control floodlights, strobes or sirens using the relay device. The SPOTBOT CCTV Intruder Detection device eliminates 99% of false alarms at no monthly cost.

SPOTBOT 8-Channel Intruder Detection:

Advanced AI-powered surveillance system utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify and detect human figures in real time. With the capability to monitor up to 8 camera feeds.

SPOTBOT Smart Relay:

Enhance the functionality of your SPOTBOT system with the Smart Relay module. The SPOTBOT USB Relay (SUR) module enables your SPOTBOT device to activate secondary devices in response to detection events.

AI-powered solutions from SPOTBOT deliver unparalleled intrusion warning capabilities, leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology. Learn more here.