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Ajax Security Systems

Ajax Hub 2 4G - Security control panel with alarm photo verification support

Ajax Hub 2 4G - Security control panel with alarm photo verification support

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Ajax Hub 2-wireless-alarm-hub-for-ajax-security-systems

Award Winning Technology.

  • Hub 2 is a powerful and reliable device built for Ajax alarms, that manages all the Ajax security devices for a smarter home and business. It is designed to alert users in the event of open doors, broken windows, and threats of fire and flooding all in one app

One of the most impressive features of Hub 2 is its ability to notify a monitoring station via Network or 4G, if burglars break into the facility you'll know about it from anywhere in the world in seconds. Users can receive instant notifications and photos from the revolutionary Ajax MotionCam detectors.

  • Hub 2 has the capacity to manage up to 100 detectors, 25 cameras, and 50 app users, making it ideal for both large and small properties. It also supports up to nine alarm groups and 32 scenarios, allowing users to customize their security settings according to their specific needs.

In addition to these features, Hub 2 comes equipped with visual alarm verification, which helps to prevent false alarms by providing visual confirmation of an intruder. This feature ensures that users only receive alerts for real threats, rather than for false alarms caused by pets or other non-threatening factors.

Ajax Hub 2 4G Key Features : 

  • Connected devices Up to 100 detectors
  • Up to 25 cameras
  • Up to 50 app users
  • Up to 9 alarm groups
  • Up to 32 scenarios
  • Visual alarm verification
  • Battery backup - up to 16 hours
  • Operating frequencies - 868.0 - 868.6 MHz
  • Communication channels: 4G, 2 X Sim Slots, Ethernet

  • Ajax Hub 2 4G Downloads :

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