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Ajax Security Systems

Business Starter Kit - An All in one Wireless Solution for Business Security

Business Starter Kit - An All in one Wireless Solution for Business Security

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The Ajax  Business StarterKit is the perfect solution to get you're business secure and keep your employees at ease, this Kit is fully expandable, This kit includes : 

How to choose a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is not a guarantee against burglary, but its presence reduces the likelihood of intrusion. The purpose of setting up an alarm is to provide an immediate response to the incident and report it to the property owners and the security service. Before installation, it is essential to determine the most convenient type of security alarm:

  1. Burglar alarm — is necessary to protect property. Such a system will work as soon as an attacker tries to get into the protected area. They are equipped with detection sensors with immediate response to irritants.
  2. Fire alarms are a necessary security measure for premises. The system responds to the first signs of fire. It can be standalone or integrated into the main security system.
  3. GSM alarm — allows its users to control the security of the protected premises using a mobile phone. After the sensors are activated, the connected users receive an alarm signal, and if desired, the security company.
  4. Laser alarms are thin laser beams activated after motion is detected in the protected area. If the thief gets inside and crosses the laser stretch, a loud siren is triggered, sounding an alarm. Requires professional installation.


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