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Ajax Family Outdoor Kit - A Combination of Outdoor and Indoor Security

Ajax Family Outdoor Kit - A Combination of Outdoor and Indoor Security

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The Ajax Family Outdoor Kit features the Ajax Hub 2 Plus, which acts as the central control unit, connecting all the sensors and devices together to provide comprehensive coverage for your home. With WIFI for seamless integration trust the Ajax Hub 2 Plus to communicate with your sensors and devices from anywhere in your home.

Ajax MotionProtect sensors

Which use advanced infrared technology to detect movement and motion within your home. These sensors are designed to detect any unauthorized entry or movement, alerting you immediately so you can take action.

Ajax DoorProtect sensors 

Offer reliable door and window protection, alerting you if anyone tries to enter your home through a door or window making for a near perfect wireless sensor. With two sensors included in the kit, you can easily secure two entry points in your home.

Ajax Panic Button 

A wireless panic button that can be placed anywhere in your home, providing quick access to emergency services in the event of an emergency. With a single press of a button, you can activate the alarm and notify your security services provider.

Ajax SpaceControl remotes

These compact and easy-to-use remotes allow you to arm or disarm your alarm system from anywhere in your home.

The Ajax Family kit Combo is designed as a DIY solution, allowing you to easily install and set up your alarm system in no time.

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor

The Ajax outdoor motion detector is an innovative product designed to address the challenge of false alarms and improve accuracy in detecting human movement.

Ajax Family Outdoor Kit:

  • Ajax Hub 2 Plus¬†(1)
  • Ajax MotionProtect¬†(3)
  • Ajax DoorProtect¬†(2)
  • Ajax Button¬†(1)
  • Ajax SpaceControl¬†(2)
  • Ajax StreetSiren(1)
  • Ajax Relay¬†(1)
  • Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor (2)
  • JustWorx Sim card (1)
  • Hood for Motion Outdoor (2)

Comes with 2 FREE Hood for the MotionProtect Outdoor Detector

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