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Ajax MotionCam Outdoor White - Wireless Outdoor Sensor With Photo Verification

Ajax MotionCam Outdoor White - Wireless Outdoor Sensor With Photo Verification

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Smarter Outdoor security.

The MotionCam Outdoor is a wireless motion sensor that is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is equipped with advanced PIR sensors that can accurately detect motion and distinguish between real threats and false alarms caused by pets, wind, or other non-threatening objects. This outdoor motion sensor also includes wireless connectivity, allowing it to be easily integrated into any smart security system.

Motion sensor with a Camera.

By using this camera, users can reduce their concerns about false alarms and security companies can avoid unnecessary patrol dispatches. The animated series of photos also provide a clear visual record of the intrusion, which can be used to aid in investigations or prosecution if necessary. The MotionCam Outdoor is a powerful tool for anyone looking to protect their property from unwanted intruder

MotionCam Key Features:

  • Classification: Electro-optical radio channel security detector
  • Installation method: Outdoors/indoors
  • Recommended installation height: 0,8 – 1,3 m
  • Compatibility: Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus
  • Does not work with ReX - range extender
  • Sensing element: 2 × PIR sensor
  • Motion detection distance: Adjustable, from 3 to 15 m
  • Pet immunity: Up to 80 cm tall
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, 3 levels

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