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Ajax Security Systems

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor White - Wireless Security Beams for Outdoors

Ajax MotionProtect Outdoor White - Wireless Security Beams for Outdoors

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Wireless Security Beams for Outdoors, accurate security for early warning detection.

Traditional Outdoor motion detectors can face challenges in distinguishing human movement from other types of motion, such as animals, leaves, or insects. This can result in false alarms and make the detector less effective in detecting actual threats. To address this, the Ajax outdoor motion detector uses a unique two-step algorithm for signal analysis, called LISA.

LISA analyzes signals from two PIR (passive infrared) sensors to determine whether human movement is present. The first step of the algorithm analyzes the amplitude and duration of the signal, while the second step uses correlation analysis to determine whether the signal is caused by a human movement or by other types of motion.

This two-step process, combined with the use of two sensors, helps to significantly reduce false alarms and increase the accuracy of the detector in detecting human movement. It allows the detector to function more effectively in the diverse and dynamic environment of outdoor settings, where there is constant motion and activity.

  • Sensing element: Two PIR sensors
  • Installation: Outdoors/indoors
  • Recommended installation height: 0.8 - 1.3 m
  • Detection angle: Horizontal - 90°
  • Motion detection distance: Adjustable, 3 - 15 m
  • Pet immunity: Height - up to 80 cm
  • Up to 1700m in an open space (in a perfect environment)
  • Battery life: up to 5 years
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Dimensions: 183 × 70 × 65 mm
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