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Ajax Security Systems

Ajax Starter Kit - A DIY Wireless Alarm Solution

Ajax Starter Kit - A DIY Wireless Alarm Solution

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The Ajax Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started, including the Ajax Hub 2 Plus, A DoorProtect sensor, A MotionCam sensor, and a SpaceControl key fob. These devices work together seamlessly to provide comprehensive coverage for your home. The Hub is the central control unit that connects all the sensors and devices, and communicates with the Ajax mobile app using WIFI and SIM cards. The DoorProtect sensor is small and discreet, but highly effective at detecting when doors or windows are opened or closed. The MotionCam sensor is a sophisticated device that can detect motion and movement, woth a built in Camera for photo real verification and can differentiate between humans and pets. The SpaceControl key fob allows you to easily arm and disarm your system, and control your devices.

Ajax Starter Kit Contents :

Basic alarm kit: Ajax Starter Kit

The Ajax StarterKit security alarm kit is a wireless security system that can be controlled using a mobile application. The user can configure sensors, check the status of each device, and activate the security system. StarterKit helps to protect the premises from intrusion. The Ajax security system starter kit includes the following devices:

  1. Ajax Hub control panel.
  2. Door and window opening sensor Ajax DoorProtect.
  3. Motion sensor Ajax MotionCam.
  4. Key fob to control the security system Ajax SpaceControl.

Features of the Ajax Starter Kit

The Ajax StarterKit security device kit is responsible for a quick response to human movement and opening windows and doors in a protected area. The system detects movements using sensitive sensors in the MotionProtect and DoorProtect sensors, after which the smart panel receives an activation signal. Then, the hub sends an alarm signal to the connected users and to the security service (Ajax security devices can be connected to the central security console. Through the mobile application, you can send a service request. The SpaceControl wireless keychain allows users to control the security and activate its modes. Using the device, the user can send an alarm signal to the security console by pressing the panic button on the key fob. The Ajax security system uses Jeweller radio technology to control the operation of sensors and quickly respond to danger. Jeweller monitors the performance of each sensor using two-way communication and, when jamming the signal, switches the system to a free frequency. The operating radius reaches 2000 meters in the absence of obstacles.

How to supplement the Ajax Starter Kit

The Ajax StarterKit is a set of security devices that is enough to protect a small room. But if there is a desire to make the system closer to a professional one, the basic set can be completed with the following devices:


Keypad for arming and disarming the security system. The wireless sensor keyboard is equipped with a panic button. Controls security modes when entering a digital code on the panel. The indicator informs about the security status, signal strength and the state of the sensors.

Ajax HomeSiren

A room siren scares off intruders with a warning message and draws the attention of neighbours to the scene. It is triggered with a loud sound after the sensors are activated.

Ajax LeaksProtect

A leak detection sensor detects the ingress of water but cancels the alarm if it dries out. When flooded, the sensor reacts and reports an accident. Ajax will automatically shut off the water if an anti-flood system is implemented in the room.

Ajax FireProtect

A fire detector that detects smoke with a photoelectric sensor. If combustion occurs without smoke emission, an additional sensor detects an increase in temperature in the building.

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